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Star of David

The Star of David is probably the most recognizable symbol of Judaism. The Star of David, or Magen David, is a fairly modern universal Jewish symbol, and publicly announces one's Jewish identity and faith. Wearing jewelry featuring the Star of David is a great way to express your faith to the world.

History and Meaning of the Star of David

Although the Star of David - also known as the Magen David or Shield of David – is a highly recognizable symbol of the Jewish faith, it is in actuality a fairly modern symbol. It is representative of King David's shield, or the emblem on it, although the symbol was not mentioned in Jewish literature until the Middle Ages. Although it did appear in early Jewish artwork, it was not a symbol that was exclusive to Judaism at that time. It wasn't until the Middle Ages when the Star of David became exclusively associated with Judaism, as Jews were required to wear badges of the Magen David identifying themselves as Jews (much like in Nazi Germany.) During the 17th century Jews were required to place the Star of David on the outside of synagogues in order to identify the buildings as Jewish houses of worship; however it wasn't until the symbol was adopted by the Zionist movement of the 19th century that it really gained popularity as a symbol of Judaism.

The Star of David is said to have deep spiritual significance. The top triangle points upwards, toward God, while the bottom triangle points downward, toward the real world. The intertwining of the two triangles makes them inseparable, much like the Jewish people. One triangle is said to represent the ruling tribe of Judah, while the other triangle represents the former ruling tribe of Benjamin. The symbol is said to bring good luck and protection to those who wear it.

Star of David Necklaces

Star of David necklaces are a good way to display your Jewish faith and identity to the world around you. Not only does a Star of David necklace accent your outfit, it helps you keep your faith close to your heart and serves as a reminder of your heritage - that you are a descendant of Israel.

Necklaces come in a variety of styles, from simple and conservative to modern and flashy. No matter what your style is, there is a perfect Star of David necklace that will suit your personality.

Star of David Rings

A ring featuring the Star of David is a way to show your eternal commitment to your faith and God. A ring is an excellent way to showcase your faith to the world, reminding everyone that you are truly committed to your Jewish heritage.

Star of David Bracelets

A Star of David bracelet is a subtle way to express your Jewish faith. A bracelet typically doesn't stand out as the centerpiece of an outfit, so eyes won't automatically be drawn to it, but you know that it's there and what the meaning behind it is. A Star of David is a good way to remind yourself of your faith and keep yourself under God's protection.

Star of David Earrings

Star of David earrings are a very fashionable way to show the world who you are – a child of Israel who is dedicated to your Jewish faith. Earrings range from small, conservative studs to modern, fashionable dangling pieces featuring the universal symbol of Judaism.

No matter what piece of jewelry you select featuring the Star of David, be sure that it is one that speaks to your spirit. You can express your faith while expressing your individuality, too.