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Car Mezuzahs

Take your faith along with you, no matter where you roam, with car mezuzahs. While some people may hang an air freshener or some type of placard from the rearview mirror of their car, truck, SUV, or van, car mezuzahs can be mounted within the car to help portray your Jewish pride and your belief in the one true God. A travel mezuzah contains a prayer for traveling, so it is not to be confused with the regular mezuzah that is normally hung on a door.

As you may know, the traditional Mezuzah is a rolled parchment that is typically inscribed with a verse from the Torah, and it is hung upon the door of the Jewish home — per God's command. A true mezuzah must be inscribed on parchment and contain an inscription of the Shema and the Vehaya, usually written by hand using a particular type of ink.

Regardless of how it is made, the mezuzah is always kept in a protective covering, typically a decorative covering that is known as a mezuzot. These are hung on the door posts of each room in the home of followers of Judaism, or on the business property or other property of the believer. This need to hang the mezuzah is found in verses in both the Shema and Vehaya. The purpose of hanging the mezuzah is to show reverence to God and to remind the person dwelling within about the presence of God while being assured of God's never-ending love for those who follow him.

What are Car Mezuzahs?

The car mezuzah arose from a belief by the modern day Jewish community that cars, like homes and other properties, need to be affixed with a mezuzah. Most people affix the mezuzah from a dashboard or hang it from an interior part of the car's door. Some may hang from the rearview mirror.

Journey Protection Scrolls

The types of scrolls that go into car mezuzahs typically are called journey protection scrolls. Journey protection scrolls in the mezuzah for the car are usually written in Hebrew and English, and contain the verse, "For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all the ways." Others may include the Traveler's Prayer in Hebrew, including Shin Dalt Yod, the first letters of Shomer Dlatot Israel or Guardian of the Doors of Israel, one of the names of God. This prayer of protection is meant to go along with you on your road trip, business trip, commute to work, picking kids up from school, or just running out to the corner market. Taking the word of God with you and expecting it to protect you can place a shield of the Lord's invisible hand around your car to protect you from harm — or such is the premise of the act of displaying car mezuzahs. These protective scrolls can be power talismans for bringing you protection while you're on the street, highway, interstate, or elsewhere.

Styles of Car Mezuzahs

The styles of car mezuzahs typically have some sort of decorative appeal with a decorative outside that includes scenes from Jewish life or scenes of Jerusalem, such as Jerusalem's Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall. Some may be set with semiprecious stones or have a raised relief pattern depicting an important Hebrew verse.

No matter which car mezuzah you choose, this protective display shows symbolic reverence to God by those who follow him and it serves as a reminder to all who see it that God is always present in our lives. Order car mezuzahs for yourself, or give one as a gift to someone you love and want to see protected while they're driving or as passengers in a vehicle.