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Add to your daily reading rituals with the addition of a yad. This type of device is a pointer that is used when reading the Torah. It allows the reader to follow the text more easily, since it is used to point to the text being read as it is read. When translated from Hebrew, the word "yad" means "hand" and many yadim (plural of yad) are actually shaped like a hand or like a hand with a pointer finger extended to help you follow along as you read. There are a number of different designs available in our store when it comes to purchasing a yad for yourself or to give a gift of a yad to someone you love.

The Torah Scroll or Sefer Torah is one of Judaism's most previous items, and the yad is used to show respect and reverence to it. In the synagogue, yadim are used to indicate the text being read during the service. It is typically hung from a chain from the staves of the Torah. It is considered a show of disrespect to touch the Torrah text when the passages are being read.

Purpose of Yad

The purpose of a yad is to make reading text easier, but that's not its only role in study of the Torah. The original yadim were created to allow readers to read the material on a sacred scroll without actually touching it. This allowed for the protection of the sacred scroll or parchment from damage while being read, including keeping it free from oil from the reader's skin and smudges, as well as other damages that might occur when a reader comes into contact with a fragile document.

Materials for Yad

Yadim are available in a range of different materials, including metal or wood, and even silver or silver-plated materials are sometimes used. Some people have just a basic yad for everyday use, and then they collect a number of other yadim for decorative purposes.

Yad Designs

The design of yadim vary, from those with a saying from the Torah to an emblem or other design on their body. This gives an inspirational touch to the yad that will allow for greater reflection on the material being read. The Tower of David is a popular embossment for yard, and it depicts the ancient citadel near the Jaffa entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem, a place that holds special meaning in Judaism. Embossed views of Jerusalem are also quite popular, while simple designs, such as flowers, are sometimes used as well. Some yadim are encrusted with crystals or other stones as adornments that make them fashionable as well as functional.

When Not In Use

When yadim are not being used, they are to be hung over the mantel and next to the Torah shield. Of course, not all communities practice this, but many traditional as well as mainstream Jewish followers do.

Giving the Gift of Yad

Giving the gift of a yad is a fitting gesture, particularly to a loved one or family member. For birthdays, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, and other celebrations, the yad can be a fitting and memorable gift. Choose a yad that suits the recipient's personality, or select a yad that has special meaning for the person, based on the design on the side of the yad. Gifting both bride and groom yadim for their wedding gift is also a memorable way to show that you care while embracing the couple's shared faith. An anniversary gift of yadim to the couple is likewise appreciated, and can be used to commemorate a special day.