About Us

Shalom and Welcome to YourHolyLandStore.com

YourHolyLandStore.com has been serving the needs of customers who desire Israeli-crafted quality merchandise since 2005. As you explore our website, we encourage you to explore our unique selection; there are numerous categories of goods to examine. From Hamsas to Chais to Mezuzot, there is something for everyone no matter what they fancy.

We are a small business that buys items from Israeli craftsmen and craftswomen who create objects that have a piece of the Holy Land in them. These wonderful items help our customers connect with the Land of Israel. Our store is open to anyone who wants to browse our wares. Whether you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim; we are eager to make your Holy Land shopping experience the best possible.

Why should you buy from us versus someone else? All of our goods were made by Israelis who benefit from you buying one of their items. Simply put: The more items that we are able to sell, the more items that they are able to create for your enjoyment. You are helping people living in the Holy Land every time you decide to buy from us.

Explore our new and improved website to find what your heart desires. Our website is easy to navigate and we are here to serve you. We recommend that you create an account if you haven’t already to make it easier for you to make purchases and interact with us. We love hearing from customers so let us know if you have any comments. As you browse us, remember that we are YOUR Holy Land Store.