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Mezuzah Cases

Adorning your house with a Mezuzah is one of the most important Mitzvot passed down to the Jewish people through the Torah. Our selection of Mezuzah cases varies among different styles that are all of a high quality. Browse our selection to find the Mezuzah that you think works best with your house. All of all Mezuzahs have been crafted with the care that they deserve. Choose wisely for the Mezuzah that speaks to your soul.

Protect your home and show the world your Jewish ancestry when you hang a Mezuzah on the entryway of your home. Adorning your home with a Mezuzah – a holy passage declaring the oneness of God, kept safe inside a decorative case – is one of the most important Mitzvot that is passed down through the Torah; therefore it is vital that you adorn your home with one of your very own to carry on this age-old tradition of the Jewish faith.

History of the Mezuzah

The Mezuzah is more than just a decorative piece or good luck charm that rests on the doorpost of every Jewish home. It is a daily reminder of Jewish faith and identity, as well as a public declaration of one's identity and faith, which stems from the Exodus of Egypt, when lamb’s blood was smeared on the doorpost of Jewish homes, causing God to pass over their homes and spare the Jewish children during the plague of the first born.

Mezuzah literally means "doorpost," but it usually refers to a scroll containing biblical verse (the first two paragraphs of the "Shema" prayer), which is kept inside a decorative case and hung on the doorpost of Jewish homes. Not only does the Mezuzah mark a home as being Jewish, but it signifies the presence of God in the home, providing it with protection.

Travel Mezuzahs

If you desire holy protection while traveling, wish to showcase your Jewish faith to your fellow drivers or simply wish to have a token as a reminder of God, then a travel or car Mezuzah can be placed inside your vehicle. Inside the car Mezuzah case is a non-kosher scroll featuring a blessing from the Tehillim (Psalms) of the traveler's prayer, which is said to bring you protection while you're on the road. Car Mezuzah cases come in a variety of styles, some featuring the David Tower, a view of Jerusalem, the Star of David, or other beautiful designs featuring Hebrew script. These car Mezuzahs include a special sticker, so they can be attached to any surface in your car, including the dashboard or car doors. Alternately a car Mezuzah may be hung from the rearview mirror.

Traditional vs. Modern

There are many different types of Mezuzahs to choose from, from simple and traditional to modern and elaborate. The type of Mezuzah you select for your home depends on which one speaks to you. You will want to choose one that best represents your faith and how it ties into your daily life; if your family is Orthodox, then you'll want a Mezuzah case that is representative of that – perhaps one that’s hand crafted in Israel. If you consider yourself more liberal or progressive, then a modern Mezuzah case such as the Fiddler on the Roof case would likely be a good fit for you. If you fall somewhere in between, there are many lovely cases to choose from, ranging from conservative to decorative.

Glass, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, or Stone?

Mezuzah cases not only come in various styles, they are also constructed out of various materials. What type you choose, again, depends on your personal preference. Glass Mezuzahs have a stunning, classy appearance, while wooden cases have a rustic, traditional feel. A metal case gives an ornate impression, while stone or ceramic have a timeless appearance. Also keep in mind that the Mezuzah will be placed in the doorway on the outside of your house, so when choosing one you should take into consideration any elemental factors that your Mezuzah could possibly come in contact with, such as rain, sleet, wind, snow, or extreme temperatures.

No matter what, always choose a Mezuzah case that speaks directly to your soul. You’ll know the right one when you see it.