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Home Decor

The home is one of the most important aspects to living a Jewish life. Having a Jewish home means that your home must have an atmosphere conductive to living Jewish. Whether it be a hamsa, a seder plate or a Judaica piece of art; creating an environment that is strongly Jewish is a necessity. Live Jewish in an environment that allows everyone to understand that this is a proudly Jewish household that they are about to enter.

One of the most important aspects to Jewish life is the home. Having the right atmosphere enables you to engage in your Jewish lifestyle. The right home decor not only brings God's blessings and protection into your home, but also makes a statement about your Jewish faith and identity, as well as serves as a daily reminder of these things.

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries add a classic touch to the walls in your home, with their beautiful colors and exquisite embroidered work. Whether you'd like a tapestry depicting the colorful streets of Jerusalem, or one bordered with beautiful pomegranates and branches featuring a Hebrew blessing, a wall tapestry is a wonderful accent for your walls and provides the perfect touch to your home.

Wall Plaques

Wall plaques are another great piece of decor to adorn your walls with. Plaques depicting the Hamsa Hand provide protection for your home against the Evil Eye, and feature an assortment of blessings, whether for the home or your business. Pomegranate and rectangular blessing wall plaques, such as the Ten Commandments, add a decorative element to your wall while reminding you of God's blessings. Ornate wall plaques feature bright and colorful gemstones, or you can choose a wall plaque with a more simple appearance, such as plain pewter one or one made out of wood.

Wall Plates

Wall plates have been a popular home decor item for decades, and provide your walls with a folk appearance. A plate featuring the Blessing of the Home with bright, beautiful flowers adds an attractive element to any room in your house. A plate featuring colorful depictions of the sites of Israel serves as a reminder of the homeland, and helps keep those in the household rooted to their Jewish origins.

Wall Hangings and Ornaments

Wall hangings and other ornamental pieces are a great way to decorate your home, and add a splash of color and Jewish tradition to your walls. Glass evil eye wall hangings protect your home and family against the ill effects of the Evil Eye, while also serving as a popular and fashionable decorative piece. A handmade Blessing for the Home wall hanging gives your home an ornate traditional touch. A Jerusalem Tree wall hanging provides an eye-catching centerpiece for your living room, bedroom, or family room.

Snow Globes and Statuettes

Snow globes and other statuettes are excellent decorative items for bookshelves, end tables, and dresser tops. Snow globes featuring Jewish symbols such as the Menorah, Star of David, Hamsa Hand, or the city of Jerusalem serve as a fun reminder of your faith, and also make good decorative pieces for your child's room. Stone marble stands or silver balls featuring the city of Jerusalem bring the Holy Land directly to your home, and remind you of your heritage as a Child of Israel. A Jerusalem Western Wall statuette is a nice accent piece for your knick-knack shelves.

No Jewish home would be complete without the traditional shofar, and a decorative one made of silver and engraved with images of Jerusalem views with gold highlights make a stunning addition to your home.

Door Sign

What better way to establish yours as a Jewish home than by hanging a door sign on your front door? A Shalom door sign makes a statement about your Jewish faith and identity to the world, and any visitors to your home automatically become aware of your religious and ethnic roots. No Jewish home is complete without the proper décor. Your home decor creates the ambiance in your home, and establishes your faith and identity not only within your own four walls, but outside of them, too.