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Explore our selection of rings as you look for the one that best matches what you have in mind. Our rings are made of the highest quality materials and are based upon Judaic principles. No matter what style of ring you are seeking, we have something that matches your idea. From Stars of David to Hamsas, you can count on us to have your needs in mind as we decide what items to offer you.

Select handsome rings from YourHolyLandStore.com now to fill your jewelry box with fashionable designs that not only look great but that also embrace your faith and your love of Judaism. Jewelry is a big part of attire worn in everyday life, and rings are representative of social status. Rings in our collection are not only ornamental, but they also reflect Jewish beliefs and traditions. Each ring that is offered on YourHolyLandStore.com has a special meaning and is designed to enhance and celebrate your Jewish faith.

Inspired by Israeli Traditions

Because geometric forms and shapes have a religious significance in Jewish life and religious beliefs, many of the jewelry designs and rings found in this section have a geometric element. All rings sold are symbolic of the rich culture, history, heritage, and faith of the Israeli people and the Jewish faith.

Bat Mitzvah/Bar Mitzvah Rings

Young girls and boys are oftentimes given special rings during bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah ceremonies as a sort of symbol for the child of their heritage. These rings usually become lifelong keepsakes that endear the Jewish faith to the wearer, and oftentimes are even passed down from mother to daughter or from father to son, holding a significant spot in the child's heart throughout the years that follow.

Kabbalah Rings

Kabbalah rings are not just symbolic of the Jewish faith—they also are a fashionable type of ring that is worn by people of all faiths. You'll see stars on the Red Carpet in Hollywood wearing sleek rings with Kabbalah designs, even if the star is not a follower of the Jewish faith. YourHolyLandStore.com offers a range of Kabbalah rings that not only ward away evil intent from whoever wear them, but that also protect the wearer from ill health, misfortune, and the negative effects of the evil eye while inviting goodness, happiness, and good health into the wearer's life.

Star of David Rings

The six-apex star which is known as the Star of David is recognized internationally as a symbol of Jewish faith and the Jewish nation. This symbol can be seen on everything from the Jewish synagogue to the flag for the nation of Israel. There is a lot of significance to the Star of David in Judaism other than these uses for it. It is also thought to bring joy, wealth, and good fortune to all who wear it, even when it is seen in the design of a ring.

Hamsa Rings

Hamsa rings or Hand of Miriam rings feature the Hamsa symbol, either by itself or in the palm-shaped design with three middle fingers straight up and a pinky and thumb to the side. Hamsa is a Hebrew word meaning, "five." Rings featuring the Hamsa hand are thought to bring good luck, good fortune, happiness, and health to the wearer, while those with the evil eye symbol are said to ward off the evil eye and bad health, ill health, and misfortune. Hamsa can bring strength, power, and blessings to all who wear it, and a ring with a Hamsa hand symbol is a sentimental and beautiful gift for men, women, and children, since it is indicative of your wishes of all good things for the wearer.

72 Names of God Rings

A ring with the 72 names of God is also a welcome gift for anyone. The 72 names of God is a series of three-letter sequences that can transmit a blend of energy around the wearer. It is thought that Moses used the power of 72 names of god to part the Red Sea, and wearing a ring with the 72 names can instill confidence and pride in the wearer.