Jerusalem & Hoshen Plate Yad Torah Pointer

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The Jerusalem and Hoshen Plate Yad Torah Pointer is a high quality and beautifully crafted Yad Torah pointer which can be used when reading the scriptures of Jewish tradition. Featuring a Hoshen plate motif which is complemented with Jerusalem view embossments, this torah pointer truly is a work of art. Constructed from metal with a metal chain and silver plating, this Jewish Torah pointer is able to promote high strength and durability for long term use. It also comes with a 24.5cm length and is able to easily provide comfortable handling when used during your Torah reading and prayer sessions.

  • With Jerusalem view embossments
  • With Hoshen plate motif
  • Made from metal, silver plated, with metal chain
  • Length: 24.5cm/9.6inch
  • Condition: new