Gold Plated Kiddush Cup with Saucer

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Kiddush is a blessing which is recited during Shabbat and certain Jewish holidays over wine, generally served in a specially-adorned cup. This gold-plated Kiddush Cup is a fantastic example of just that, with a white plastic insert and golden cup and body. The upper portion of the cup as well as the base are both decorated with an engraved relief of a portion of the Jerusalem skyline. The cup stands 16cm/6.25 inches tall, while the saucer itself measures 12.5cm/5inches in diameter. Around the perimeter of the saucer is written in Hebrew "Boreh Pri HaGefen," which means "He who creates the fruit of the vine”—a fitting phrase for a finely-crafted Kiddush cup.

  • This gold plated Kiddush Cup features Jerusalem images on the upper part of the cup and on the base.
  • It is written in Hebrew on the saucer "Boreh Pri HaGefen" which means "He who creates the fruit of the vine".
  • Height of cup: 16cm/6.25 inches
  • Diameter of saucer: 12.5cm/5inches
  • Material: metal, gold plated
  • Condition: new