Jewish Shabbat Kiddush Cup with Saucer

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A stunning silver plated masterpiece is at the center of our Jewish Shabbat Kiddush set. This elegant set features a beautiful white-silver goblet with Hebrew inscriptions that read "Creator of Vine." The saucer also comes etched with Hebrew writings for a truly special tribute. The next time you're having a meal for the Sabbath, why not adorn the table with this set?
  • Height of cup: 16cm/6.3inches
  • Diameter of saucer: 13.5cm/5.3inches
  • On the saucer and on the cup written in hebrew "BORE PRI HAGEFEN" which means "Creator of Vine"
  • Condition: new


Kiddush - A blessing recited over wine at the beginning of the Sabbath or holiday evening meal.