The Kabbalah Bracelet Meaning

The Kabbalah is supposed to be a segment in Jewish studies that provides you with an explanation to the relation between what is spiritual and what is physical. Due to its meaning, it has now become a very popular theme for a number of different jewelry pieces including bracelets. Keep in mind; individuals of Jewish beliefs are not the only people who wear Kabbalah jewelry. There are also many non-Jewish individuals (including movie stars, entertainers, and celebrities) that are seen wearing this type of jewelry every single day. Several very popular Hollywood celebrities including Demi MooreMadonna, and Rosanne Barr have been seen wearing Kabbalah jewelry. Of the three celebrities Madonna appears to be the most serious as she regularly attends Kabbalah study centers. The popularity behind wearing Kabbalah bracelets and other jewelry has a lot to do with the fact that they are believed to bring good health, happiness, and prosperity to the individual that is wearing them.

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet

A number of different charms, amulets, bracelets, and other items are being marketed as types of Kabbalah jewelry in today’s society. These pieces of jewelry tend to vary in cost as well as design. They are made out of gold, silver, and other various metals. They also usually incorporate different precious and/or semi-precious stones.

Designs for these Kabbalah charms vary and are often extremely simple. One of the more well-known designs for a Kabbalah bracelet is the Kabbalah Red String. This design is actually nothing more than a red string that has been braided. In some cases, the Kabbalah bracelet may include a small charm such as a small heart.

It is believed that this type of jewelry uses Kabbalah symbols which are intended to provide the wearer from protection against all evils. Kabbalah bracelets, for example, are more commonly known as the evil eye. These bracelets tend to include a palm, fiver fingers, and an open eye in the center of the palm. The five fingers symbolize the five different books of the Torah. The Torah is one of the most scared Jewish book of laws. The eye in the center of the palm is supposed to symbolize the “All Seeing Eye” or the “Eye of the Almighty”. It is believed that the reason the eye is opened is because it is always looking out for the forces of evil.

According to Jewish tradition, the red string was wrapped around the stone marker that is over Rachel’s grave a total of several times. While the string was being wrapped around the grave several different Hebrew prayers were recited including the Psalm 33. The red string is cut to be in bracelet size lengths. Then, the red string is worn on an individual’s left hand in order to symbolize their request for both physical and spiritual blessings and protection. Unfortunately, no one really knows exactly when the tradition of wearing the red string came to be. However, just how significant every detail of the Kabbalah bracelet is known.


In Hebrew, the name Rachel translates to lamb or sheep. Lamb or sheep symbolizes humility. The lesson learned behind this is that individuals must humble themselves before Dog as if they are a lamb and he is the master. The name can also be translated to mean the World of Speech which symbolizes another form of humility.

When an individual Kabbalah bracelet it symbolizes that they have opened themselves spiritually and physically to accept the blessing and protection of God. Individuals wear this bracelet (or other types of Kabbalah jewelry) when they are trying to be a better person by performing various acts of kindness and goodness. Wearing the red string bracelet also symbolizes that you believe in Rachel Emeinu (Our Mother).