Red String Macrame Bracelet with Hamsa

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The hamsa is yet another famous image from Middle Eastern lore, and figures in much of the art and aesthetic elements of the region. You can show off your own connection to that rich history with this Red String Macramé Bracelet, complete with a hamsa in the middle. Traditionally, hamsas have been associated with protection and, often, specific protection against “the evil eye” or other mystical forms of malevolence. This hamsa macramé bracelet retains that tradition of Kabbalah and Middle Eastern mysticism while making it fashionable for the 21st century. The red bracelet itself is adjustable in terms of size, while the Hamsa hand is filled with white sparkling cubic zirconia (CZ) crystals.

  • Kabbalah Red String macrame bracelet with Hamsa protection hand and blue Evil Eye.
  • The Hamsa hand filled with white sparkling cubic zirconia (CZ) crystals.
  • Adjustable size
  • Condition: new