Kabbalah Key Necklace with Chrysoberyl for Prosperity

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  • This key-shaped pendant is made from Sterling Silver and Gold.
  • The top part of the key is decorated with a gold Star of David with a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye) at its heart.
  • Along the top part a psalm is beautifully engraved: "Endow me with abundance, grace and success".
  • The buttom part of the key pendant is shaped as the Hebrew letter Peh, while the hollow part of the letter is shaped like the Hebrew letter Bet in a Biblical style writing. The letter Peh which stands for godly speech creates the letter Bet - thus symbolizing Creation, that is – God in His speech has created the world.
  • This special talisman is a virtue for blessing and success.
  • Size: 3cm/1.2inch
  • Length of the silver chain 18inch
  • Hand made in Israel
  • Condition: new