Kabbalah Key Pendant for Prosperity and Good Fortune

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  • On top there are 3 Hebrew letters Samech Aleph Lamed for abundance, prosperity, success and improvement of financial status. SAL is one of the 72 sacred names of God.
  • With Star of Magen David and Hamsa protection hand. Hamsa brings protection from the evil eye, providing a protecting hand or Hand of God.
  • In center embedded chrysoberyl Cat's Eye gemstone - well known as bringing luck and prosperity for the ones who wear it.
  • On the back it is written in Hebrew "Poteach et yadecha u'masbia le'chol chai ratzon"? "You, God, open your hand, and you satisfy the will of every living thing" (Psalm 145, Ashrei) - draw down the energy of sustenance and financial prosperity.
  • Also it is written in Hebrew on the back the 8 letter name of God. This letter sequence represents connection of the Light of the Creator between upper and lower, judgment and mercy. It is also known as the Amen sequence. We are not allowed to pronounce this name, just scan it with our eyes.
  • Handcrafted and hand engraved in Israel.
  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver. The silver is actual silver, not bonded or plated.
  • Length 4cm/1.5inch
  • Condition: new