Jerusalem Western Wall (Kotel)

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Designed for beautify and a touch of Jewish tradition, the Jerusalem western wall (Kotel) is a decorative ornament piece which is perfect for placing on display in any home. This Wailing Wall ornament features 3 gold colored people praying alongside the brick wall. Created using electroforming technology, this Jerusalem western wall ornament is constructed from 925 silver and is made by the formation of silver layers over a resin mold. Featuring a size of 5x 6cm, this Kotel Wailing Wall display ornament can make a great gift, or can easily be positioned within your home to add a complementary piece that matches in with your surrounding decor.

  • Wailing Wall (Kotel) with 3 praying people.
  • Material: Created using the electroforming process with 925 Silver. Made using formation of layer of silver over mold of resin.
  • Size: 5x6cm/2x2.4inch
  • Condition: new