Healing Men's Ring with Five Metals - Silver & Gold

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  • This silver and gold ring is engraved with the verses in Hebrew:
    • "Heal her now, O God, I Beseech Thee" (Book of Numbers, 12:13). Moses asks God to send a cure to his sister Miriam who suddenly turns ill. The verse is believed to be a virtue for health and cure.
    • "In the Name of God We will Do and Succeed".
  • Five Metals are embedded under the Onyx gemstone - Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead according to the Kabbalistic formula. In Kabbalah, the blending of these five metals considered to be a powerful tool for bringing positive changes in our lives and a virtue for blessing and protection.
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold, Onyx stone
  • Condition: new