Authentic Five Metal Ring

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  • The 5 metals are: pure gold, silver, copper, tin and lead.
  • These five metals could not be conected/mixed together by the natural processes. There is only one secrect way to melt all these metals as written in Midrash Tanhuma and connect them altogether in order to create this ring.
  • In this particular ring all these metals are connected together, unlike other rings and pendants where these metals are present just as different parts or layers and are not melted together. Thus, other rings do not provide the real spiritual energy.
  • According to instructions from Midrash Tanhuma this process has to be done only once in a month, on Shabbat evening and for 3 hours only. So, the number of rings that can be created is limited.
  • The wearer of this ring will have the financial and emotional success and also spiritual enlightenment.
  • Handcrafted in Israel.
  • Condition: new