Enameled Star of David Pendant with CZ Diamonds

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This bright, eye-catching pendant gives you three different Stars of David in one. The outline is studded with sparkling CZ (cubic zirconia) diamonds while center features a nicely-set blue enameled center, all of which is in turn set on top of fine hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver, which in turn forms a third silver Star of David right in the center of the enamel. Measuring a sizable 1.8cm/0.7inch without the bulk, this item truly is layers upon layers of Jewish pride, and the perfect item for those who prefer their pendants on the brighter, jewelry-studded side.

  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver (hallmarked) with blue enamelled center.
  • Filled with sparkling CZ (cubic zirconia) diamonds.
  • Size (without bulb) 1.8cm/0.7inch
  • Condition: new