The significance of the Kabbalah

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 11th Oct 2014

The Kabbalah has been embraced by many well-known celebrities, which generated massive interest towards its main ideas and development.A definition of the Kabbalah varies depending on its form of m … read more

About Evil Eye Jewelry

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 29th Sep 2014

In order to escape the effects of the evil eye, people have devised, throughout time, a series of amulets, talismans, phrases and rituals which could be worn and or performed when necessary. Of the … read more

The True Meaning of the "Evil Eye"

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 26th Sep 2014

Its most common representation is a dark blue circle at the exterior, a white one, a light blue circle on the inside and a black small bead at the center. While some might think this is a great pie … read more

Jewish bar mitzvah

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 22nd Sep 2014

It is common in Judaism that when children come of age, this form of maturity should be celebrated accordingly. Such a celebration is called a ”Bar Mitzvah” in the case of a boy and ”Bat Mitzvah” i … read more

Jewish films

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 18th Sep 2014

It is hard to state what makes a movie Jewish – its actors being Jewish, its producer being Jewish or its setting and main plot being Jewish-related? In some cases, all three elements are pres … read more