Passover foods

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 17th Mar 2015

When celebrating Passover, an essential element of the holiday is the food, which is both a traditional one, as well as a particularity of the celebration.There are several foods to be found on the … read more

Jewish Passover Seder

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 12th Mar 2015

A Jewish Passover Seder (ritual dinner) can best be characterized by tradition and symbolism. Nothing is left to chance, with every dish and piece of cutlery and china being chosen for a specific r … read more

Passover Haggadah

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 10th Mar 2015

There are many traditions to be followed when celebrating Passover. Most traditions refer to the Passover meal and the setting of the proper table for the holiday. One of these traditions is the Hag … read more

Passover story

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 5th Mar 2015

Passover, also known as Pesach, is a highly important and well-known Jewish festival. The event celebrates a particular event of Jewish history – the liberation of the Jewish people from the Egypt o … read more

What to give as a Bar Mitzvah gift?

Posted by Yevgeni Kuritski on 23rd Jan 2015

A Bar Mitzvah is an important event in the life of a Jew. The celebration takes place when a boy is 13 years old and highlights the importance of the coming of age. Apart from the symbolic entering … read more