Authentic Kabbalah Red String Bracelet

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In Kabbalist tradition, the wearing of red around one’s wrist is supposed to protect against evil influences—the Evil Eye in particular—and thereby safeguard the wearer towards a better future. Tradition tells us that a red string was wound seven times around Rachel’s Tomb (Kever Rakhel) and was endowed with mystical powers. Share in that tradition—as well as the latest fashion trends—with this authentic Kabbalah Red String Bracelet. Finely woven and with all metal parts made of 925 Sterling Silver, this bracelet is as stylish as it is authentic.

  • Authentic Kabbalah red string bracelet
  • Wearing a red string (as a type of talisman) is a custom associated with Judaism's Kabbalah in order to ward off misfortune brought about by an "evil eye".
  • An ancient tradition teaches us that a red string, wound seven times around Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rakhel), is endowed with mystical powers.
  • All metal parts are made of 925 Sterling Silver
  • Condition: new

Red String Kabbalah Bracelet: Protection against the Evil Eye

A person possessed of an evil eye carries with him the eye of the destroying negative force; hence it is called "destroyer of the world," and people should be on their guard against them and not come near them so that they should not be injured by them! (Zohar I, p.68b)

Rachel and The Red Kabbalah Bracelet

The Red Bracelet has been used as a tool of protection for centuries. The practice, developed by the sages, involves winding the red string around the tomb of the great Matriarch, Rachel located in the Land of Israel. The bracelet is then cut it into pieces and worn on the left wrist. The left hand is considered by Kabbala to be the receiving side for the body and soul. By wearing the bracelet on our left wrist, we can receive a vital connection to the protective energies surrounding the tomb of Rachel. It also allows us to take Rachel's powerful protective energy with us and draw from it anytime.

Kabbalists believe that by seeking the Light of holy persons, such as Rachel, we can use their powerful influence to assist us. According to kabala, Rachel represents the physical world in which we live. Her greatest desire is to protect and defend all of her children from evil. When we tie The Red bracelet to our left wrist, while reciting the powerful Ana Be'Co'ach prayer, we seal her powerful protective energy within as it intercepts negative influences intended to cause us harm.