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Tefilat Haderech

The Jewish people are one of the most well-traveled groups historically, with long, proud histories in numerous nations across the globe, a tradition we’ve continued to this day. The Tefilat HaDerech is a prayer said by Jews before traveling that traditionally is seen as providing protection and acting as a blessing. It is traditionally recited at the beginning of every journey, whether by air, sea, or even by car. Everyone from your average Jewish tourist to trained IDF soldiers recite the prayer, making it one of the many shared displays of unity in Jewish liturgy.

Given the traditional nature of this prayer and connection to the spirit of travel, the Tefilat HaDerech is a short piece of inspiration that you’ll want to keep with you on a daily basis, forever reminding you of that link to the travels of the past, the community of the present, and the future towards which you’re forever traveling. As such, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of different pieces of Judaica which feature the Tefilat HaDerech which allow you to take this prayer with you wherever you go with, including:


Pomegranate Car Hanging with Tefilat Haderech: This pomegranate-shaped silver car hanging features a classic relief of Jerusalem with the Tefilat HaDerech inscribed on the reverse side. Elegant, unobtrusive and made in Israel, it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a car hanging that’s understated yet says so much.


Hamsa Car Hanging with Tehillim and Traveler's Prayer: Given that they’re associated with good luck themselves, it should come as no surprise that hamsas are a popular choice for displaying the Tefilat HaDerech. This item, for example, is crafted from 24K gold and features the prayer on one side and two birds perched atop the words “Nesiyah Tovah" (“Have a Good Trip”) in Hebrew. Other hamsa Tefilat HaDerech options available include our Car Hanging with Hamsa and Traveler's Prayer, which features various small charms hanging from the main silver-plated piece, a horn-like swirl which reads “HaDerech Aruka VeMefutelet” (“The road is long and windy") and the Car Hanging Decoration with Traveler’s Prayer, which features the words engraved on a silver-plated image of a pierce of parchment.


Women of Valor Car Mezuzah: Mezuzahs mark Jewish homes, giving them a special association with the Tefilat HaDerech, uniting the impulses to home and travel. This example is for those looking to take a mezuzah with them wherever they go, with the prayer rolled and inserted into the item, which is itself a brightly decorated celebration of Jewish women. Other car mezuzahs include our Tree of Life Car Mezuzah with Travelers Prayer Scroll and Moms Taxi Car Mezuzah, both of which likewise include a copy of the Tefilat HaDerech inserted into the mezuzah and boast pictures of a yellow Tree of Life against a blue background and the words “Mom’s Taxi” with a heart and taxi decals, respectively.


Car Hanging with Travelers Prayer and Key of Fortune: One of our more unique Tefilat HaDerech-related items, this car hanging features the famous prayer inscribed on a Key of Fortune, an item closely associated with Kabballah and its view of Judaism. As with the hamsas, this is an example of the prayer being added to another classic Judaic symbol of good fortune.

The Traveler’s Prayer unites us all in our travels, and the yourholylandstore.com, in offering these authentic pieces of Tefilat HaDerech Judaica, is proud to be one of the stops on your life’s journey.