Hamsa and Seven Blessings Car Mezuzah with Scroll

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Take your commitment to God on the go with this durable, portable car mezuzah, complete with scroll. Featuring seven separate blessings and a hamsa to further this item’s aesthetic appeal and protection as per Judaic tradition, this item includes a copy of The Travelers Prayer Scroll, written in Hebrew, rolled and placed within the mezuzah. An English translation is likewise provided on the enclosed card. The outer portion of the casing for this car mezuzah features an elegant floral design as flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors interlock to form a distinctly Judaic design that shines through the acrylic of the car mezuzah. At the center of this mezuzah, which itself measures 6.3x2cm/2.5x0.8inches, is featured a blue hamsa hand, upon which are written seven different blessings in English: Joy, Love, Health, Success, Blessing, Prosperity, and Luck. Double-stick tape on the back allows for easy attachment to the interior of any car, truck, or motor vehicle, or else you can just place it in your glove compartment. Either way, this portable mezuzah, hamsa and all, is sure to provide peace of mind during mid-morning traffic jams and long cross-country vacations alike.

  • Beautiful Judaic designs are richly colored with fine details that shine through the acrylic of the car mezuzah.
  • Features blue Hamsa Hand with seven blessings written in English: Joy, Love, Health, Success, Blessing, Prosperity, Luck.
  • Double stick tape on the back allows easy attachment inside the car, or just place in glove compartment for peace of mind.
  • The Travelers Prayer Scroll in Hebrew is rolled and placed inside the Car Mezuzah and the translation is supplied on the enclosed card.
  • Size: 6.3x2cm/2.5x0.8inches
  • Condition: new