Tree of Life Car Mezuzah

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“A soothing tongue is a tree of life” Scripture tells us (Proverb 15:4), and you too can feel a sense of soothing relief and connection to the roots of a greater Jewish tradition with this Tree of Life Car Mezuzah. The Tree of Life occupies a significant place in the world of Western, Middle Eastern and Jewish literature and lore, and this car mezuzah can help you show off your own connections to those eternal, life-giving cultural roots. It is mentioned in Genesis as well as Proverbs, and remains a powerful symbol of both life and the fruits it can bear. Included with this item is double-stick tape, allowing you to stick this portable mezuzah (which measures 6x3.5cm/1.5x2.5inches) to your window or dashboard, or otherwise allow you to safely attach it to the inside of your glove compartment. This particular Car Mezuzah features a lush Tree of Life adorned with fruits of all different sizes and colors, friendly birds, stars shaped like the Star of David against a dark blue sky, while a red Star of David adorns the bottom of the mezuzah, balancing out the image. Both the sky and tree itself is rendered on acrylic and has a soft, hand-painted look to it that makes it all the more homely, allowing you to take both that sense of home and the spirit of the Travelers Prayer with you wherever you go.

  • Beautiful Judaic designs are richly colored with fine details that shine through the acrylic of the car mezuzah.
  • Double stick tape on the back allows easy attachment inside the car, or just place in glove compartment for peace of mind.
  • The Travelers Prayer Scroll in Hebrew is rolled and placed inside the Car Mezuzah and the translation is supplied on the enclosed card.
  • Size: 6x3.5cm/1.5x2.5inches
  • Condition: new