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Our selection of Kabbalistic charms, necklaces and bracelets aims to bring you the best protection against evil. Traditionally, Jewish people have worn charms with inscriptions from the Zohar for protection from harm of a supernatural origin. All of our products are authentic renditions of charms that have been worn for generations by our ancestors. Browse our selection for the charm that best fits the kind of blessings that you feel you need the most today.

In Judaism, Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom. Kabbalah reveals how the life and the universe work. The word itself means "to receive". Kabbalah teaches us how to receive fulfilment in life.

What is the Meaning behind Kabbalah Jewelry?

Kabbalah jewelry typically consists of symbols from the Jewish tradition. Common symbols in Judaism that are used for jewelry are the Star of David, the Hamsa Hand (or Hand of Miriam), the Evil Eye, Flower of Life, and other motifs that are believed to ward off the evil eye. Kabbalah jewelry in general pays special attention to the sacred texts and spiritual tools of the Kabbalah.

Most Kabbalah jewelry is inscribed with Hebrew words which hold Kabbalistic meaning. The 72 Names of God, for instance, is said to be a spiritual key that unlocks energies that will augment positive changes in our lives – or in other words, improve one's luck and bring good fortune.

The Star of David

The Star of David is perhaps the most universally recognized symbol of Judaic culture. The star consists of two triangles – one pointing upward, or toward God, and the other inverted, pointed down toward reality – and is representative of the connection between God, the Torah, and Israel. Jewelry that displays the Star of David with Kabbalistic writing is a way to openly express your faith and Jewish identity. It also serves as a reminder of your own heritage.

Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand (also known as the Hand of Miriam) is another recognizable symbol. It is a talisman of a hand, usually pointing downward, and is said to ward off evil. Sometimes the Hamsa Hand contains a depiction of an eye in its center; this is to safeguard you against the ill effects of the evil eye, should it be cast in your direction. Jewelry which depicts the Hamsa Hand engraved with Hebrew words enhances protection against malicious or ill will cast your way.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is feared all over the world, across multiple cultures, but especially so in Judaism. When someone casts the evil eye your way, they are wishing ill will to fall upon you. Evil eye talismans and beads are often worn to protect oneself against the ill effects of the evil eye. Evil eye jewelry is worn to protect you from evil, harm, and misfortune, and is said to draw good luck, good fortune, good health and happiness your way. The evil eye is another easily recognizable symbol used in Kabbalah jewelry.

Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is found in religions all across the globe; in Israel it is found in ancient synagogues of Galilee and in Mesada. This symbol consists of the intrinsic patterns of creation as they materialized in the Great Void. The Flower of Life, also known as the Tree of Life, is perhaps the most familiar sacred geometrical pattern that is said to have emerged from God's thoughts.

The Flower of Life symbol is representative of nature; jewelry containing this symbol with Hebrew text engraved in it has special spiritual meaning, and serves as a reminder of our connection between nature, or the real world, and God.

Choosing Kabbalah Jewelry

Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings featuring sacred symbols of the Jewish faith, choosing a piece of Kabbalah jewelry should be a spiritual experience. Select the piece that speaks directly to your soul and is the best representation of your belief and yourself as an individual. Kabbalah jewelry makes a public declaration of your faith and identity as a Jew, so pick a piece that you will wear proudly and that will serve as a reminder to both you and the world around you that you are a descendent of Israel.