White Knitted Kippah

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This white knitted kippah is just the headpiece you've been looking for. Featuring a thick knitted design and a diameter of 6.25 inches or 16 centimeters, this kippah is perfect for any man of Hebrew descent. Its pure white color makes it perfect for weddings, Passover, or other special occasions, while its knitted design makes it a durable, sensible piece to wear. This kippah is diverse enough to be suitable for anyone's head, whether you're a rabbi, an Orthodox Jew or a more liberal child of Israel. The kippah serves as a reminder that there is someone watching you from above; covering the head reminds the wearer of God's eternal presence and ever watchful eye. The kippah should be worn during times of prayer and other religious celebrations. This kippah would be an excellent gift for any Jewish men in your life, or for yourself if you happen to be a Jewish male.
  • Thick knitted kippah
  • Diameter: 16cm/6.25inch
  • Color: white
  • Condition: new