Weekday Siddur - Hebrew and English

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  • The Ani Tefilla Weekday Siddur is an engaging and thought-provoking siddur for the inquiring high school student and thoughtful adult.
  • The innovative commentary in this siddur, for beginners and the seasoned alike, has been designed to help the user create their own meaning and connection during the Tefilla experience.
  • Divided into different categories that enable the user to connect to the liturgy in different ways, the commentary provides a variety of approaches to each tefilla, and something meaningful for everyone.
  • Printed in Israel
  • Language: Hebrew and English
  • Nusach: Ashkenaz
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Size: 14x21cm/5.5x8.5inches
  • Condition: new

Key innovative features:
-- Commentary divided into four categories: Biur, Iyun, Halakha and Ani Tefilla
-- Unique layout encourages deeper connection to the prayers
-- Appendices include: FAQs on tefilla collected from students and adults, practical guide to enhancing one's kavana, useful bibliography, guide to the Jewish year, stories, and more.
-- Thought-provoking questions, narratives, and quotes help the user think and feel beyond the standardized liturgy.