Tikkun Hava (The Mending of Eve) Key Necklace with Five Metals

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  • The top part of the pendant is made of three shields. The three shields is a representation of the three letters in a Hebrew name of Eve: HaVaH. Each shield has a different meaning but their overall purpose is to bring about improvement and balance. Eve began in Sin and turned punishment into a foundation of everlasting life.
    • H (Heth) - represents number 8, Abraham Shield is made of two joined squares - 8 sides and 8 points. The Abraham shield is linked with redemption.
    • V (Vav) - represents number 6, David Shield is made up of two triangles - 6 sides and 6 points. The David Shield is linked to equality.
    • H (Hey) - represents number 6, Solomon Shield is a 5 pointed star. The Solomon Shield is linked to the redemption of beauty and act.
  • It is believed that holding the Tikun Hava pendant brings balance and an improved soul. It is therefore an incredibly powerful piece with a great deal of meaning behind it.
  • In addition, the Five Metals are placed in the center of the shields. The Five metals are revealed when opening the pendant. The Five metals are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead. According to Kabbalah combination of these five metals brings financial and emotional success and also a spiritual enlightenment.
  • In addition, under the shields it is engraved in Hebrew the begining of the Nishmat Kol Chai Prayer "The soul of every living being shall bless Your Name [God's Name]" and PAI which is an acronym for "Poteach at Yadeicha" which means "[you God are] opening your hands".
  • The back of the pendant is engraved in Hebrew with the beginning of the Priestly Blessing (Birkat Kohanim) "Yevarchecha H' VeYishmorchecha" which means "God Bless You and Protect You"
  • In Judaism, a key is a symbol of success and prosperity.
  • The bottom part of the key is shaped as the Hebrew letter Peh, while the hollow part of the letter is shaped like the Hebrew letter Bet. The letter Peh which stands for Godly speech creates the letter Bet - thus symbolizing Creation, that is – God in His speech has created the world.
  • Size: 3.4x1.6cm/1.3x0.6inches
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver , 9K Gold
  • Condition: new