Thousand Flowers Kabbalah Protection Bracelet with Star of David

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The Star of David (Magen David in Hebrew or Mogen Dovid in Ashkenazi Hebrew, Shield of David, Solomon's Seal, or Seal of Solomon) is a generally recognized symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity. It is also known colloquially as the Jewish Star. Kabbalah makes use of this sign, arranging the Ten Sephiroth (sefirot, spheres) in it. With the establishment of the State of Israel the Jewish Star on the flag of Israel has also become a symbol of Israel.

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Wearing a red string (as a type of talisman) is a custom associated with Judaism's Kabbalah in order to ward off misfortune brought about by an "evil eye". According to tradition, by tying the string around his or her wrist, the wearer is protected from the destructive power of the Evil Eye, thus preventing disease, poverty, accidents or other misfortune from befalling the wearer.

  • All metal parts are made from 925 Sterling Silver
  • Star of David handmade from polymer clay and sterling silver by Adina Plastelina studio using millefiori technique. Millefiori is an ancient craft technique. It produces a colored design that is repeated many times, hence the name 'thousand flowers'
  • Bracelet made from leather
  • Comes in gift box
  • Length of bracelet 6.5"inches/17cm