Star of Magen David

You see the Star Of David associated with Judaism so often that you would think it was always one of many Jewish symbols. You may be wondering what the origin of this symbol was. You may have questions about the significance of the symbol. You may want to know if this is a Pagan symbol or not. Read the rest of this article to find out more about the Star Of David and the Star Of David meaning.

The Star of David, the symbol of the Jewish fa...
The Star of David, the symbol of the Jewish faith and people. Also called Shield of David after the Hebrew Magen David (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Origins Of The Star Of David
Unfortunately there has not been much concrete evidence written about the official origins of this, one of many commonly used Jewish symbols. Studying the prominent language of the time, Paleo-Hebrew, gives us some insight into the possible origins of this sign. It could quite simply stand for David’s name. He could simply have taken the first letter of his name, flipped it upside down and interlocked the two symbols to create this.

Another possible origin of this symbol mostly comes from one of many Jewish legends about this common religious symbol. The way the story goes is that David fought the King Nimrod when he was a king. The shield David used was made of two interlocking triangles affixed to the back of a circular shield. At some point in the battle, the fighting was so serious that the two triangles became fused together. David gained victory in the battle and the shield became known as the shield of David.

The History Of This Jewish Symbol
This is one of those Jewish symbols that wasn’t always exclusively associated with Judaism. Christians and Muslims used it at various points in history. We don’t see this particular symbol in rabbinic text until sometime in the middle ages. It was during this time that Jews started to attribute more spiritual meaning to The Star Of David. This symbol has been used to identify Jews during sad times during World War II. Hitler forced Jews to wear the symbol as a way to bring them shame.

In recent times, Jews have reclaimed this symbol and made it a source of pride. It appears in many Jewish buildings. It also appears on Israel’s flag.

The Star Of David Meaning
There are many different schools of thoughts when it comes to explaining the Star Of David Meaning. Some people believe that the symbol refers to God’s complete rule of the universe since it points in all directions (north, south, west, east, up and down). Other people think that the star symbolizes how Jews and God are interconnected. The star pointing up symbolizes God and the star pointing down symbolizes Jews and everything on Earth.

Is This A Pagan Symbol?
Some people think

that the star is a pagan symbol. There is really no evidence to support this fact. Now some pagan groups adopted the star into some of their practices. This also could have

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Silver Star of David

happened because of captured Israelites trying to secretly hold on to part of their religion while in captivity.

This symbol is one of the most widely recognized symbols in the Jewish culture. It is seen on the flag of Israel. It is also seen on the official ambulance service in Israel. While there are many different stories surrounding its origin, one thing is for certain. This is a symbol that is now central to Jewish faith. Even though some meant it to be a shameful thing, Jews have reclaimed it and it is now in its rightful spot as a sign of spiritual significance. Hopefully this article has shed some light on the Star Of David Meaning.