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Star of David on your finger. Star of David on your thimble. Star of David in your lifeÂ?you canÂ?t go wrong, only right. As you sew your favorite threads be sure your finger is protected with this Star of wonder. Hold onto this one as a keepsake, or show it off as good luck~!~
  • Made from olive wood with laser engraving of Star of Magen David. The olive wood used for the product is of excellent quality. The wood is dried in a special natural processes.
  • Height: 2.5cm/1inch
  • Made in the Holy land (Israel).
  • Condition: new


Olive Wood
"His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree"
Hosea xiv, 7
The olive tree has always symbolized the glory, splendor and the very roots of both Judaism and Christianity.

The product is made of olive wood, from a tree that has been growing in the Holy Land for hundreds of years.
The wood has undergone a natural, five year drying process, which ensures its eternal stability.

The great age of the tree lends the wood its naturally artistic forms.

A close study of the wood's natural grain affords a glimpse of rich history of Holy Land from whence it sprang.