Silver Mezuzah Necklace with Shema Yisrael Scroll and Blessing

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The Shema Yisrael is a prayer at the heart of Judaism and lore. Taken from Deuteronomy, the injunction to "Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One" has long been integral to the identity of observant Jews around the world, and affixing a mezuzah containing those words and that blessing to one’s home is likewise a tine-honored Jewish tradition. This sleek silver mezuzah necklace allows you to take those words and sense of connection to that storied past and the Jewish community with you wherever you go. Hebrew lettering adorns the outside of the necklace, which is silver and stylishly wrapped around a transparent cylindrical center, wherein is kept a complete copy of the Shema Yisrael prayer, printed in Hebrew on a proper paper scroll and kept safe inside. With the outer casing being high-quality 925 sterling silver, and the length of the pendant overall measuring 4cm/1.5inch, this is the perfect item for those looking to affirm their Jewish heritage wherever they go.

  • This mezuzah pendant features a spiral design with engraved "Shema Yisrael" in Hebrew and holds a Shema Yisrael scroll (printed on paper) inside
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Length of pendant 3cm/1.25inch
  • Condition: new