Silver Kabbalah Bracelet with Pomegranate Pendant

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  • You can choose what Hebrew letters (one of the 72 names of God) will appear on the pendant:
    • SAH - this letter combination is associated with finding your cosmic match or soul mate.
    • MHS - brings you the energy of healing and recovery.
    • SAL - for abundance, prosperity, success and improvement of financial status.
    • KLY - this unique combination connects to and brings the wearer the energy of fertility and abundance.
    • ALD - evokes the consciousness of protection, protects against Evil Eye.
  • Pomegranates were known in Ancient Israel as the fruits which the scouts brought to Moses to demonstrate the fertility of the "promised land". The Book of Exodus describes the me'il ("robe of the ephod") worn by the Hebrew High Priest as having pomegranates embroidered on the hem. According to the Books of Kings the capitals of the two pillars (Jachin and Boaz) that stood in front of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem were engraved with pomegranates. It is said that Solomon designed his coronet based on the pomegranate's "crown".
  • Pomegranates also symbolize the mystical experience in the Jewish mystical tradition, or Kabbalah, with the typical reference being to entering the "garden of pomegranates" or pardes rimonim.
  • The bracelet and the pendant are made from 925 Sterling Silver. The silver is actual silver, not bonded or plated.
  • Handcrafted in Israel.
  • Size of pendant: 2.2cm/0.9inch
  • Condition: new