Silver Hamsa and Evil Eye Necklace

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Enjoy a two for one deal with this spectacular silver Hamsa and Evil Eye Necklace. The Hamsa is also known as a “Hand of God,” and both it and the Eye are traditionally associated in Kabbalah and across the Middle East with protection against evil influences, and this necklace provides a “sterling” example thereof, with the necklace made of 925 Sterling Silver and the pendants themselves studded with sparkling CZ (cubic zirconia) crystals. Measuring an impressive 39cm/15.2inches and featuring a heart charm in the middle, this can make for the perfect birthday or Valentine’s Day gift, showing your respect for someone’s religious and cultural traditions, all while giving the gift of beautiful jewelry and—even more precious—your own true love for them.

  • The pendants are filled with sparkling CZ (cubic zirconia) crystals.
  • With Heart charm in center.
  • Hamsa - brings luck and protection. Known as a Hand of God.
  • The evil eye charm - brings protection from negative influence of the evil eye.
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Length of chain: 39cm/15.2inches
  • Condition: new