Shema Israel Star of David Pendant with Hand of God

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  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold.
  • The silver is actual silver, not bonded or plated.
  • Handcrafted in Israel.
  • It is written in Hebrew "Shema Yisrael".
  • Decorated with 3 Hamsa Protection Hands (for protection against the Evil Eye). In center of the Hand there is garnet gemstone.
  • With golden Star of David in center.
  • Size 3cm/1.2inch
  • Condition: new
Shema Yisrael (or Sh'ma Yisroel or just Shema) are the first two words of a section of the Torah (Hebrew Bible) that is used as a centerpiece of all morning and evening Jewish prayer services and closely echoes the monotheistic message of Judaism. It is considered the most important prayer in Judaism, and its twice-daily recitation is a mitzvah (religious commandment). Its main content is loving the one God with all one's heart, soul and might, and the rewards that come with this.

Hamsa - Serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting and getting protection from the evil eye, or more generally of providing a "protecting hand" or "Hand of God".