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Wear a symbol that is easily recognized as an expression of your faith in God, both in good times and bad, with this Shema Israel prayer ring. This classic ring is based on the Hebrew prayer that speaks of passing Jewish traditions to the next generation and of loving God and keeping the faith. The handsome design of this ring features bold Hebrew text declaring, "Hear O Israel! The Lord is Our God, the Lord is One!" The text is inscribed on a rotating component that spins around the band of the ring itself for added beauty. This design allows you to read the prayer over and over again when you need to find solace and renew your faith in God and his word. Stainless steel construction allows this contemporary ring to retain its fabulous good looks for a long time to provide you with inspiration for years to come.
  • Stainless steel rotating ring
  • It is written in Hebrew "Shema Israel H' Alokeinu H' Achad" which means "Hear O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is One!"
  • Condition: new