Shabbat Memory Game

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Teach the young ones about the precious Shabbat tradition with these wonderful Memory Game cards. The set comes equipped to teach terminology, while educating and entertaining all at once. An added plus is this incredible game set is washable! ItÂ?s the perfect way to introduce any beginner to the Shabbat custom. Play with the whole family.
  • Memory game, cards with Shabbat related items. Great for learning about Shabbat terminology and customs.
  • Instructions: find matching pictures of your favorite Shabbat items. If you find the same two cards, you keep them. The player with the most pairs wins.
  • Can be played by 1-4 participants.
  • Includes 24 cards.
  • Size of 1 card: 8x7.5cm/3.1x2.9inches
  • Cards are made from special plastic - washable, durable long lasting material.
  • Made in Israel
  • Condition: new