Safety Pin for Protection and Health

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  • This hand made in Israel safety pin features a gold Evil Eye in the center surrounded by blessings in Hebrew:
    • "Ki Malachav Yetzaveh Lach Lishmorcha Bechol Deracheicha" ("For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways") - Psalms 91:11. This blessing is a powerful talisman for protection and success.
    • "MHShin" is one of the 72 Names of God - brings the energy of Healing and Recovery
    • "ALD" is one of the 72 Names of God - evokes the consciousness of protection
    • "Ben Porat Yosef" ("A fruitful son is Yosef") (Genesis 49:22). This phrase is a blessing that Jacob gave to Joseph before he died (found in the book of Genesis). People use this phrase for protection against the evil eye since Joseph symbolizes a person unharmed by others envy.
  • Size: 5x3cm/2x1.2inches
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold.
  • Condition: new