Raw Silk Tallit Set - Pomegranates Design

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  • This raw silk tallit features pomegranates design. The design adorns the tallit's corners, decorative stripes and atarah, as well as, the matching bag and the kippah.
  • The atarah features the Hebrew inscription "Asher Kidshanu BeMitzvotav VeTzibanu Lehitatef BeTzitzit".
  • The corners of the tallit are embroidered in Hebrew with the names of the Matriarchs - the Torah's four foundational women: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.
  • This unique tallit comes with a matching bag and kippah.
  • Designed and made in Israel
  • Size: 50x190cm/20x75inch
  • Material: raw silk.
  • Condition: new