Rabbi Nachman Breslov Kippah

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Show reverence to your Jewish faith while honoring Rabbi Nachman Breslov by wearing this handsome Kippah. This white knit Kippah features a textured design with a ribbed band that is printed with Rabbi Nachman Breslov's mantra in Hebrew text in black lettering. This white Kippah features a beanie-style tassel tie at the top for added good looks and has an elasticized band that allows it to fit snugly on your head for the best possible fit and comfort while wearing it. This design is one of the most popular designs among those who follow the Jewish faith, including Breslov Chassidim groups in Israel. The mantra around the edge of the Kippah reads "Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman" and is the same mantra recited as a charm or segulah by Breslov Chassidim. This Kippah pays homage to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, one of the first Chassidic masters. Thousands of pilgrims of Jewish faith make a pilgrimage to his Ukrainian burial site for Rosh Hashanah each year.
  • Diameter: 21cm/8.2inch
  • Condition: new