Ptil Tekhelet - Tzitzit Strings

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  • These are blue (tekhelet, techelet) Tzitzit strings for tying by yourself.
  • The set contains 4 blue Tzitzit strings.
  • If you would like a complete set which has the amount needed for one tallit or tallit katan (16 strings) then select the complete set option, which comes with additional 12 white wool tzitzit strings. 
  • Made in Israel
  • Condition: new
"Why does the Torah enjoin us regarding tekhelet? Because tekhelet resembles sapphire, and the Tablets were made of sapphire, to tell you that as long as Bnei Yisrael gaze upon this tekhelet they are reminded of what is inscribed on the Tablets and observe the commandments, therefore it is written, ‘And you shall see it [the tekhelet string] and remember all of the commandments of God and you shall do them." - Mishnat Rabbi Eliezer