Passover Tablecloth

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Prepare your dining room table for the Seders this year with this charming Passover tablecloth. Featuring a bold depiction of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, this tablecloth serves as a reminder for the children of Israel of their birth as God's chosen people. This luncheon tablecloth is made out of plastic, so it is easy to clean with just a few swipes of a wet wash cloth. Measuring 88 inches long by 54 inches wide (or 224 centimeters long by 137 inches wide), this tablecloth is large enough to fit most standard size tables. Its vibrant colors and bold design are perfect for a family luncheon, while bringing a modern touch to old traditions. A border of Matzo serves as a reminder of your faith. Use this tablecloth during the Seders or during the more casual chol hamoed. Gather around a table blanketed with this table cloth and enjoy your favorite kosher meal during Passover.
  • Passover luncheon tablecloth
  • Size : 137x224cm/54x88inch
  • Material: plastic
  • Condition: new