Passover Cover with Kiddush Cup and Haggadah

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The Passover Cover with Kiddush Cup And Haggadah is a simple and stylish cover which is designed to be used during Passover. This Passover cover contains 3 separate pockets in its design, and features embroidery of a Passover Haggadah, a Kiddush Cup, and a grape cluster on the top. At the top of the picture the word Pesach is embroidered in silver which means Passover. Made from terylene materials, this cover can easily offer repeat use during each Passover. It comes available in a 43cm size and can easily bring a warm and inviting feel into your home when used.

  • Contains 3 pockets
  • Embroidered with Kiddush Cup, Passover Haggadah and grape cluster. On top it is embroidered "Pesach" which means "Passover".
  • Material: terylene
  • Diameter: 43cm/17inch
  • Condition: new