Olive Wood Mezuzah Case

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This beautiful Mezuzah compliments any house and was made in Israel. The Mezuzah is made from genuine olive wood and has a depiction of the Ten Commandments backed by blue on the cover. Above the Ten Commandments is a large Shin representing one of the holy names of God. Be reminded of the covenant every time you walk through the door.
  • Made from olive wood with hand enamelled metal plate. The olive wood used for the product is of excellent quality. The wood is dried in a special natural processes.
  • The metal plate depicts Ten Commandments (Tablets of the Covenant)
  • On the mezuzah there is Hebrew letter "SHIN". This is first letter of "Shomer Dlatot Israel" or "Guardian of the Doors of Israel" - one of the names of God.
  • Included non kosher printed mezuzah scroll
  • Pair of matching nails included
  • Length: 10cm/4inch
  • Made in the Holy land (Israel). Come with certificate of origin.
  • Supplied in high quality packaging
  • Condition: new