My First Chanukah Menorah with Candles

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For kindelah rekindling the candles of Chanukah for the first time comes this soft, heartfelt item. Anyone who’s ever had young children know that plush toy and stuffed animals and items are a staple of toy chests, children’s entertainment, and parental lectures about leaving said toys all over the house. This plush menorah is the perfect gift for a child’s first Festival of Lights, and comes with both the menorah itself and a selection of removable candles which can be stored for convenience in an attached pouch when not in use. The menorah itself says “Happy Chanukah” on it in English, features green, orange, pink, blue, and purple plush candles, and measures 4 x 13 x 10 inch.

  • Plush menorah with removable plush candles that store in attached pouch when not in use.
  • Size: 4 x 13 x 10 inch
  • Condition: new