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Although Jewish law states that you need a Mezuzah on your door; not all Mezuzahs are created equal. Place this lovely Mezuzah on your door to announce to the world that you are proud to be Jewish as your friends view this beautiful piece. This piece is extra amazing thanks to including the entire book of Tehillim as part of a package deal. Take advantage of this opportunity today and buy this Israeli-made Mezuzah now.
  • Filled with gemstones - semiprecious stones
  • With whole Tehillim prayer book inside
  • Hand made in Israel
  • Included non kosher printed scroll (rolled inside the mezuzah)
  • With hebrew letters "SHIN DALET YOD" - first letters of "SHOMER DLATOT ISRAEL" or "Guardian of the Doors of Israel"- one of the names of God.
  • Length : 14.5cm/5.7inch, width: 4.5cm/1.75inch
  • Made from wood
  • Condition: new