May God Bless & Guard You Gold Plated Bracelet

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It is engraved in Hebrew "Yevarechecha H' VeYishmarecha" which means "May God Bless You and Guard You"
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This bold gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet features a plaque engraved with the Hebrew words "Yevarechecha H' VeYishmarecha." The text, which means "May God bless you and guard you" is taken from the Priestly Blessing in Numbers 6:23-27. The plaque face also contains decorative engraving. Large link chain and easy to close clasp. This would make a beautiful bar mitzvah or birthday gift for a special man.

  • Made from Stainless Steel, gold plated.
  • Length of the bracelet: 21cm/8inch
  • Condition: new