Matzah Cover with Pomegranates

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The Matzah Cover With Pomegranates is a beautifully designed Matzah cover that is designed to offer a warm and inviting feel within your home when used. This Matzah cover contains up to 3 pockets and features a 43cm size that allows for easy fitting when used. It is made from high quality terylene materials for easy use time and time again, and features a beautiful design in the centre that features the word Pesach embroidered in blue with pomegranates and leaves embroidered around it in a circle. Featuring a lovely appearance, this matzah cover is great for use in any home and is inviting to the eye.

  • Contains 3 pockets
  • In center it is embroidered in blue "Pesach", surrounded by leaves and pomegranates.
  • Material: terylene
  • Diameter: 43cm/17inch
  • Condition: new