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  • Made from olive wood with hand enamelled metal plate.
  • The olive wood used for the product is of excellent quality. The wood is dried in a special natural processes.
  • Decorated with Lion of Judah metal plate design and the word "G-d" in Hebrew. (El Shaddai - also: "Keep the doors of Israel safe").
  • Included non kosher printed mezuzah scroll
  • Pair of matching nails included
  • Length: 10cm/4inch
  • Made in the Holy land (Israel). Come with certificate of origin.
  • Supplied in high quality packaging
  • Condition: new


The "Lion of Judah" has been a popular symbol ot the Jewish people harkening back to the lion as a symbol for the tribe of Judah, to his descendant David, and to the Messiah who will come from the House of David. It has come to represent strength, courage, justice, spiritual fortitude, and wisdom, and adorned both Solomon's throne and the Temple.
In Genesis the patriarch Jacob refers to his son Judah as a "Young Lion" (Genesis 49:9) when blessing him. (The lion is a symbol of power)
Today you can find the Lion in the seal of Jerusalem together with olive leafs (the symbol of peace) and the Wailing Wall.