LED Premium Blue & Silver Electric Hanukkah Menorah

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  • The perfect Electric Hanukkah Menorah for the Eco-Conscious consumer!
  • Featuring elegant 2 tone blue and white glass LED bulbs that present a luxurious aura of light, this large display-size blue and silver electric Menorah is perfect for public displays.
  • Features include sequential lighting and extra effects such as flashing, blinking, and chasing lights, to liven up the Hanukkah celebration.
  • The classic yet modern design presents a gorgeous lighting presentation that will be celebrated for many holidays to come!
  • 4 Lighting Options - Sequential / Flashing / Ripple / Chasing Ideal for Home/Office/Dorm!
  • 9 Flame-shaped 2 tone blue and white bulbs
  • UL Listed Adapter
  • Using the power button: 1. For MANUAL SEQUENTIAL LIGHTING, press button once to light the first night (Shamash and first bulb will light). Press button again to light one additional bulb for each night of Chanukah. 2. After all bulbs are lit, press button again for FLASHING lights. 3. Press button again for RIPPLE EFFECT. 4. Press button once more for CHASING LIGHTS. 5. Press button again to shut off.
  • Size: 14.00" l x 4.00" w x 15.00" h
  • Material: plastic
  • Condition: new